House Mouse

(See bottom of page for HM coloring tips)




(Spotlight technique)









(The mice are mounted with 3D dots and the two leaves are glued in the middle and the edges are curved up to look more realistic)








(Cup closest is mounted with 3D foam dot and cotton was used to enhance the steam from the teapot spout. I just glued it with a little Crystal Lacquer. I also used the Crystal Lacquer in the cups around the mice.)








(I made the whole tea set 3D, cut the top off the teapot and glued a mouse to it so when you pull the top up, the mouse comes out. Again, I used cotton to simulate steam.)







Inger (Midwest Stampers)

(This one is adorable! I love how the aspirin is cut with the decorative scissors! Just darling. Looks like she used crystal lacquer on the ice cube too!)






Delia (NSRAK)

Delia used bleach to take the color out of the card stock after black embossing. She then re-colored the images with watercolors so they are very vivid. Really neat!)







Francine (NSRAK)

(Darling card with very glittery dragonfly wings!)





Doreen (NSRAK club)

(Doreen dry embossed a rectangle around this mousy. It really gives the card definition)







(front face of "cheese" opens to show mice frolicking behind)







(Crystal Lacquer on the cider)




Use the following Tombow Markers to color in each of the mice.

    Amanda -- 985/947/800/772 plus Dove Blender pen
    Monica -- N79/800/772 plus Dove Blender pen

    Mudpie -- 899/912/800/772 plus Dove Blender pen

    Maxwell -- 947/800/772 plus Dove Blender pen

    Muzzy -- 947/N79/800/772 plus Dove Blender pen


N79 applied to Blender/800 on skin/772 on                  nose/703 blush on cheeks/947 on edges of fur/772 inside ears
Dove Blender Tips and Techniques
        1.  Smear color into plastic paint palette
        2.  Use clean blender tip
        3.  Use blender pen to pick up color from palette
            *For more intense color - pick up more color
            * For lighter shade - pick up a little of the color
        4.  Mix colors - pick up a little of each color (for ex.
             brown + golden yellow = fawn)
        5.  Remember -- less is more
        6.  Dry with heat gun as you color to avoid smears