Helpful Resources


Quotes and sayings

Here’s some good information for scrapbookers and stampers alike. I have pen pals and I like to write little poems or fun quotes in wavy lines  on the outside of their envelopes for some added interest. Usually things about friendships and such.   This site is my current favorite: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with quote sites so I like to use one at a time. This one has tons of quotes. Mostly by educated sources. All the quote categories are on the left side of the page. Simply pick one and scroll down to read the quotes…


Font’s are fun to use and will save you a lot of money. I know its important to have some “saying” stamps  because stamped and embossed images are always better than plain old ink. But in my case, I simply can’t afford to buy every single stamp I want, so I use the computer to print up my personal sayings. The up side to this is, you can say absolutely anything you want to say. Like an inside joke you may have with someone. I’m sure you won’t find a stamp that covers something so specific. is the one I use the most. My-father-in law likes western things so I found some great old western looking fonts for his cards. You are limited only by your imagination!

Foreign Languages

Here’s a great translation site. If you are looking for a saying or single word to go with those foreign travel stamps, just type it in English, and pick what language you want and it will translate it for you! Just be careful not to write too much. I wrote a letter to my Italian pen pal once, had it translated, and where I thought I wrote, "you are right” meaning you are correct, but the translation wrote in Italian “you are a member of the right wing”. Well, we both got a laugh out of it and I decided to just stick with simple sayings! I use:

Understanding color

I’ve always had trouble matching colors in pleasing combinations. I’ve done some research and found some good sites. and  

Hope this helps!

Sending your stuff…

Sometimes its just nice to know how much something is going to cost to send. I use the site constantly to calculate postage. I purchased a postal scale on Ebay and it’s been one of my best investments. I don’t know how I lived without it. I used it all the time for my pen pal letters, but now that I’ve gotten into stamping and swaps and things, its been so nice to have. I highly recommend getting one... 


More to come...